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Photo Shoot Consultation

Details we need for your photo shoot
  • Please add the names of everyone that will be in the photo shoot, including pets.
    NameAge if under 18Relationship to youOther details e.g. if this is a generation shoot, tell us if another member of the group is the child's parent, or breed of pet etc.Profession if over 18 
    Add a row
  • This will help us plan the shoot and make sure that we can make experience great for them too. There is a flight of stairs, so if this may be an issue for them, please let us know so we can make alternative arrangements.
  • e.g. if you are in the military, fireservice, police etc you could bring your uniform to wear or use as props for your children. Maybe you have an heirloom toy like a rocking horse, or your child has a favourite teddy.
  • Terms and conditions can be found in any email we send you, or on our website: **Not agreeing to the terms and conditions will result in the booking being cancelled.