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Work Experience


Over the last almost 4 years we have had several work experience students in our studio. We always like to give them a really good time, teaching them how a studio works and what is expected of them in the work place. We will also usually do a makeover and photoshoot with them. We've loved having them here and one of our students had gone on to be our apprentice. 

At the moment we are being contacted every day by hopefuls wanting a place with us. Unfortunately we are now fully booked with work experience for at least the next year (Until July 2016). We wish you luck in finding a suitable work placement.

Some tips for work experience applicants.

  • Please get your letters and emails checked for spelling and grammar mistakes. Nothing puts people off more than badly spelled application letters.
  • Apply yourself. Don' t expect mum to do it. She won't be holding your hand when you apply for a real job.
  • Pop into the studio and introduce yourself but call first to make sure they're not too busy.
  • Have a portfolio ready to show. Your work doesn't have to be technically perfect, we just want to know you have an eye for photography and that you are really enthusiastic. 
  • If you call the studio make sure you leave all your details on the phone, don't just say I'm inquiring about work experience can you call me back and then don't leave your name!

Once you start

  • Be on time!
  • Be enthusiastic
  • Don't wait to be asked to do tidying up. No one will tell you off. 🙂
  • Put your mobile phone in your coat pocket in the cupboard and don't look at it until your break.
  • Use your initiative.
  • Ask questions, you're there to learn.
  • If you're not learning then talk to someone.
  • Don't go out without telling someone where you've gone. 
  • Above all have fun!