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Headshot tips for Actors

Posted on Jul 24, 2015 by in Emma's Blog |

Corporate_Headshot_Photography_WS-6aHeadshot photos are the first stage in casting calls, so it is important that your headshot photos are up to date and are right for you. You should update your headshots every 2-3 years so that they reflect how you have changed.

 Here are some tips on how to get it right!


  • How do you want to look? Check out what style headshots are used by the big time actors you respect.
  • Stick to happy, smiling shots. Looking forlorn or grumpy, will not get you the job.
  • Choose a photographer you feel comfortable working with. If you don't get along, this will come across in your shoot, making you look uncomfortable.

Prepare for your shoot

  • Keep it natural. Makeup should be kept to a minimum (forget the false lashes!). Don't forget, they want to see you!
  • Don't disguise birthmarks or freckles.
  • Hair should be worn naturally and not covering your face. Don't go for a dramatic style change unless you will be sporting it for the next year or so. Men, if you don't usually have facial hair, then shave it off.
  • Your clothing should be something that you feel comfortable in and love wearing. Avoid anything that will distract, like busy patterns or logos. If you aren't sure what to wear, take several outfits - your photographer will usually let you have a few outfit changes and will help you select them.
  • Accessories should be subtle, so stick to simple studs or a delicate chain. Remove facial piercings. If you wear specs, you should get some shots with and without them. It is a good idea to leave them off for a couple of hours prior to the shoot (if possible) so that you avoid getting red marks or indentations where they press on your face.
  • Make sure you are well rested...don't arrange a night out drinking for the evening before.

At your shoot

  • Relax! Chat with the photographer so you get to know each other - this will help you look more comfortable in your photos.
  • Have fun! Don't be afraid to ask the photographer to try a pose you want - it can always be deleted if it doesn't quite work out.

Choosing "the shot"

  • At your viewing and ordering session you will get to choose several photos (depending on the package chosen). Don't be afraid to ask the opinion of the person showing you the photos.
  • Try and choose photos with different expressions and poses, you can then select the appropriate one to send to different castings.