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Alba our very own newborn

Posted on Apr 9, 2014 by in Newborn Photography Blog |

  • Sleepy baby
  • She did get a little bit grumpy for a minute. We love her grumpy face.
  • Trying to escape. Holding her head up very well for a newborn
  • Wide awake!
  • Big brother Ollie
  • Gorgeous little tootsies
  • Big eyes and a kewpie haircut
  • Big brother Danny
  • Aww

Andrea and the girls have been waiting for ages to meet this little beauty. Nikki, Andrea's daughter is her mummy. Nikki has 3 boys already and when she was pregnant she decided not to find out what she was having this time.  Andrea had the call from Nikki to ask her to look after her youngest son Ollie at about 6am and dropped him off, sleepy eyed but excited at about 6:30.

Emma and Andrea were working that day so they took Ollie in with them. Just as they were driving in to the car park at the back of the studio Andrea's phone rang. It was Nikki! 'Mum', she said, 'I've had it. It's a little girl'. Well you should have heard us all scream! We were so pleased for Nikki and her partner Ben as they had suffered a miscarriage last year. It was only 9:30 so it was a nice quick birth and they were both back home by lunch time. They have called her Alba Elayne. We love the name. Alba's daddy runs his own lake and pond maintenance business and Alba is a type of white Lily. They also called her Elayne after Ben's mum who died a couple of years ago.

This is Andrea's and her husband Arnold's 11th grandchild but only their 3rd grand daughter. It's a nice change to have the chance to buy pretty dresses again.

Nikki and Ben brought Alba and two of his brothers into the studio when she was just a few days old which is the best time to do newborn photography if you want those gorgeous sleepy photographs. We always allow at least a couple of hours, sometimes more for newborn photographs as there are lots of breaks for feeding, nappy changing, cuddling etc. It's a great time for a bit of relaxation for mummy who is probably still really tired. We take lots of photographs and these were taken mainly with natural light in our studio. We like to use natural light when we can but we will probably roll the flashes out for the family photos. As you can see Alba's brothers love her to bits.

Nikki and Ben came back a few days later to see the photographs and I'm glad we keep boxes of tissues in our viewing and ordering room as I don't think there was dry eye in the place. Below is a selection of the photographs we took.



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