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Makeover Photography

Just you being beautiful

  • Vintage Makeover Photography

Makeover Photography at Peach Lane Studios

Enjoy a few hours of pampering at Peach Lane Studios. Our inhouse stylist will do your make up and hair in our dedicated makeup and changing room. You will have a pre photoshoot consultation where you will discuss what style you want. Subtle, Vintage, whatever you like. You'll also talk about the clothes you will be bringing along and our stylist will help you decide what will be best to wear with what.

It takes around an hour to do your make up and hair (drystyling only) and then we will get to the fun bit. We'll make you look glamourous and gorgeous. You're going to feel pampered and special.

Why not bring your mum, your sister or your best friend along, have a bit of pampering and fun at the same time.