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Passports and Visas

10 Tips for Passport Photo success! 

  1. Choose Peach Lane studios to have your passport photo taken. Why?... Who has really got the time and money to waste trying to use a supermarket booth? We see so many people that have tried using a booth, only to find they have had their photo rejected. We guarantee our passport photos to pass and if they don't for any reason, we will re-take it free of charge. We are the experts!

  2. Wear clothes that don’t overwhelm the photo. E.g nothing that comes up too high around your neck or is going to look messy like a scarf or hood. Strapless tops are a no-no unless you want to look naked!

  3. Hair is a tough one to get right. Make sure it doesn’t cover your eyes or eyebrows AT ALL; it will be rejected if it is.  Hair looks best if it is down or with some hair to frame your face.

  4.  Its best to avoid wearing glasses as if there is some glare on them or a shadow covering your eye area in any way it will result in a rejected photo. If you must, then try and wear non-reflective lenses and a frame style that is not too narrow. Remember geek glasses are in!

  5. Posture is important. Remember to sit up straight and lean slightly forward from your hips as this can help reduce double chins. Try it, it really works!

  6. Facial expression must be neutral. This means no smiling or frowning. We find that if you close your eyes for a few seconds and then “think happy” this will result in the best expression.

  7. Got a child or baby that needs a passport photo? No problem. We are usually very quick so they don’t even have a chance to think about what’s happening. Leave it to us, we are great with kids. Bring your child at a time of day where they are most settled E.g. not hungry or tired or just had a nap. Mornings are good.

  8. Relax and leave plenty of time. If you book for a time when you are in a rush you may not get the results you wanted. We'll even cut them out to save you time and stress when you get home.

  9. Things you may want to bring along: A hairbrush, hairspray, bobby pins, makeup (especially powder to reduce shine). Bring baby wipes and bribes for kids. We have a lovely makeover room where you can check your hair and makeup or get changed.

It only takes 10 minutes and cost £10* but lasts ten years so make sure you have a photo that will:-  
A. Pass 
B. Looks like you 
C. You are happy with.

Let us help you.

*UK passports and Visa's are £10, all other countries are £15.