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Photography and Confidence

Posted on Jul 11, 2015 by in Emma's Blog |

I felt compelled to write this blog after reading a comment made by a random facebooker on a respected photographer's advert. The gist of the comment was that the woman thought that photographers were out to make money out of others misfortune and that they prey on women's insecurities. She also went on to say that spending loads of money to feel good for just a couple of hours was a total waste and that if you can't make yourself feel good, then no-one could!

Personally I think this woman was way out of order saying this. For a start I don't think she realises why most photographers are in the business...does she think we do it to make loads of money? If only we did! Many of us only make enough to cover our expenses. So why do we love photographing people?? We love it because it really does make a person feel good about themselves. I've lost track of the amount of times we have had messages from clients saying how much their confidence has been boosted after having a photo shoot with us. Yes we need to make money - this is our full-time job, but there is nothing better than seeing someone cry with joy when they realise that they really are a beautiful person - flaws and all! It's all about making people feel confident in their own skin. Of course we sometimes remove the odd wrinkle during editing and we also offer makeup and hairstyling, but if that helps someone feel good about themselves, then what is wrong with doing it?

Photography is a celebration of people. Confidence is beauty.